Family Law And Divorce

Going through separation and divorce is most often a very difficult and complex process, legally, emotionally, and financially. Nicholas J Dombalis II has been representing parties going through the divorce process for over 35 years. In some cases, the process can be as simple as obtaining an absolute divorce for a client. In other cases, complex business valuations or contentious custody and visitation cases may be involved. Whether simple or complex, Mr. Dombalis wants each of his clients to know that he understands how difficult the divorce process is and that he will do all that he can to professionally guide and support them through the process. It is important that every party fully understand the implications of a divorce. Mr. Dombalis will take the time to explain the law as it relates to the divorce issues so as to insure that every client fully understands his or her rights and liabilities arising from the separation and divorce. It is also important that each client have a realistic expectation as to how different family law issues may ultimately be resolved. It may not be what one wants or expect to hear but Mr. Dombalis will give each client his candid assessment of the issues confronting that client.

Mr. Dombalis understands and believes that in most cases it is preferable for all of the divorce issues to be resolved amicably with a separation agreement and property settlement. It is preferable that the parties have a part in deciding how issues such as custody, child support, alimony, and equitable distribution of property will be resolved as opposed to having a judge decide those issues for them. Arriving at terms in an agreement which are mutually satisfactory can involve extensive negotiations with the other parties' counsel. Mr. Dombalis' has extensive experience in negotiating separation agreements and property settlements, has knowledge of the law, and has the ability to recognize issues which should be addressed in such separation agreements.

There are situations in which a separation and property settlement agreement is not an option in resolving the divorce issues. In those instances a lawsuit is filed by one of the divorcing parties. There are many court rules that must be followed once a lawsuit is filed. The parties will be required to participate in mediation in an effort to resolve the divorce issues. Mr. Dombalis has extensive experience in the mediation process. If mediation is unsuccessful, the judge assigned to the case will conduct a trial and make a decision for the parties as to the various divorce issues. With over 40 years of trial experience, Mr. Dombalis' is there for and with his clients every step of the way.

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