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Contracts are a necessary part of running a business. They protect the rights and expectations of the parties. The parties involved hope that the provisions of an agreement are fulfilled without any controversy. However, all too often, an unexpected situation occurs and one party fails to fulfill an important obligation. In such situations, you need an experienced attorney to assist in resolving such dispute.

Helping Raleigh Individuals and Business Owners

At Nicholls & Crampton, P.A., we help Raleigh individuals, landlords and business owners of all sizes resolve contract disputes. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge in corporate law matters, real estate matters, contracts and other transactions associated with running a successful business.
Whether your dispute involves the breach of a business agreement, construction matters, real estate or landlord/tenant matters, we can assist you. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling litigation, mediation and arbitration matters.

Along with dispute resolution, we also provide assistance to business owners who need help drafting and reviewing existing contracts.

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