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Time and cost are always important issues that individuals and business owners are mindful of when they need legal assistance in resolving a dispute.
Fortunately, alternative dispute resolution procedures, such as mediation or arbitration, are available and, many times, are conducted in lieu of litigation. These methods often resolve legal disputes in an informal setting that is often more efficient and cost-effective. Our attorneys have substantial experience representing businesses and individuals in mediation and arbitration proceedings. We have participated in mediations conducted in proceedings in federal, bankruptcy and state courts.
In the state of North Carolina, a Mediated Settlement Conference Program is in place. The legislature has mandated that every civil case filed in Superior Court proceed through pretrial mediation settlement negotiations prior to heading to trial where the parties work with a certified neutral third-party mediator to resolve their issues. This was done to increase efficiency and save money for litigants.

Certified Superior Court Mediators

In addition to representing litigants in mediation proceedings, a number of our attorneys have also served as Mediators in such proceedings. W. Sidney Aldridge and Emmett Boney Haywood are Certified Superior Court Mediators. This means they have participated in specialized training in the mediation context.

Other members of the Firm also have extensive experience as Mediators and Arbitrators. Kevin L. Sink has regularly been selected by the courts and his peers to serve as a Mediator, particularly in complex bankruptcy proceedings. Adam M. Gottsegen regularly serves as a court-appointed arbitrator in Wake County, North Carolina.

Private Business Arbitration

We also assist with private arbitrations. Many commercial contracts often include clauses or provisions that stipulate mandatory arbitration in the event a dispute arises between the parties.
Whether you need help arguing over the applicability of the provision in the contract or the proceeding itself, we have the knowledge and experience to assist.

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