Traffic Violations and Criminal Defense

North Carolina Criminal Law and Traffic Offenses Attorneys

If you are charged with a serious criminal matter, or a minor traffic violation which can affect your insurance points, you want an experienced trial attorney on your side. For almost 40 years, Nicholas J Dombalis, II has represented clients charged with offenses ranging from minor traffic violations to serious felonies.
Charges such as DWI, careless and reckless driving, and some speeding violations, can involve the loss of a person’s driving privileges and heavy fines. Even minor traffic violations can result in insurance points causing a large increase in insurance premiums. With his extensive experience Mr. Dombalis can assist you in an effort to minimize the impact of a traffic offense to either your driving privileges or your automobile insurance rates.
If you are charged with alcohol or marijuana possession, a conviction for these charges can have serious implications on your ability to enroll into a school of your choice or to find employment. Mr. Dombalis can assist you in an effort to minimize the impact of such a charge on your future. In many instances, a diversion program, which does not involve a conviction of the offense, is available. Following the successful completion of a diversion program, and if you are eligible, Mr. Dombalis will assist you in filing for an expungement of the charge from your record.
If you would like to talk to Mr. Dombalis about criminal or traffic charges which have been lodged against you, please call him to schedule an appointment.

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